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Integrating PHP applications


Planet eZ

Harry Fuecks remarks a paper by Gallery’s developers, which describes their experience on web application integration. The paper (pdf) focus on some key points many of us already have dealt with.

Integration is a tipical work for PHP developers and even if a content management system should be adaptive to fit a broad range of needs, I already experienced that community features are often better developed on specific tools than on a CMS.

That’s why, for instance, we choosed to integrate eZ publish with a forum software on IoScelgo (web italian political community), dealing with many issues listed in the paper.

Definitely, I don’t agree with eZ-philosophy at all: (you-can)-do-all-with-ez. Sure you can, but sometimes it takes more time and you still don’t have even a features-compatible solution. This “little-evil” applications are so good, so difficult to replicate with eZ. Think of phpBB features: you will always lost the battle, I guess.

This thought about integration could also be extended to all customer’s legacy applications, that’s why I hope eZ will be more hookable in the future. At least to get listed here ;-)

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